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World T20 to be postponed till 2022, IPL may get October window

A member of the ICC board said that the World T20 is likely to be postponed, but the final decision will be taken only on Thursday.


The ICC T20 World Cup to be held in Australia this year is expected to be postponed until 2022.


The postponement of the T20 World Cup has raised the possibility of the IPL taking place in October this year.


The International Cricket Council (ICC) will hold a teleconference with all cricket boards on Thursday i.e, 28 May.


If it is formalized in the circumstances caused by the Covid-19 epidemic, the decision will allow members to submit their bilateral for the coming months.


This will help in preparing the blueprint for the series.


A member of the ICC board told news agency PTI on the condition of anonymity,


That the World T20 is likely to be postponed, but the final decision will be taken only on Thursday.


He said,


“In the present circumstances there is very little possibility of organizing the T20 World Cup.


I don’t think Cricket Australia or any other top cricket board will have trouble with this.


“On 15 May, the ICC Events Committee suggested a number of options under the leadership of Chris Tetley.


One of these options was to shift the tournament from October to November 2022.


India have to visit Australia later this year, it will also be safe.


IPL can be held without crowd, T20 World Cup can’t 


The board members also said that it is not only the countries but also the issue of the broadcaster.


Star Sports has the rights to broadcast ICC and BCCI events along with rights to broadcast the IPL.


What are the commercial practicalities of holding the T20 World Cup in February-March 2021?


Earlier, IPL in October-November and next IPL can be conducted by March-May.


With this, we can have three big tournaments in six months, whose tickets will be sold.


He said that it would not be a good situation given the current economic situation.


India is to visit Australia and England.


Team India has to play a five-match series there.


As far as the T20 series with South Africa is concerned, first Africa has to decide where they stand in terms of ICC policies.


Rohit Sharma have to pass fitness test before start practice


The ICC has made a rule that all matches will be played without spectators and all players coming from abroad will be quarantined for 14 days.


When will foreign players reach India in this situation?


Also, when the Indian team visits Australia, the players will have to stay in quarantine.


This means that they will have to reach Australia about three weeks before playing the first test match.


The ICC Board may also discuss the issue of exemption of taxes in the T20 World Cup 2021 to be held in India.


The BCCI has asked to give more time to know the government’s clear view on this due to the lockdown.


The nomination process for the new ICC chairman will start soon.


Former England and Wales Cricket Board chairman Colin Graves is considered a key contender for the post but BCCI president Sourav Ganguly may also join the race.


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