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What Is SRL Cricket and How Can I Bet On It?

Simulated Reality League (or SRL) cricket offers the chance to watch and bet on virtual matches from leagues and competitions across the world. It is an increasingly popular way for people to enjoy the game out of season, while giving sports bettors more opportunities to wager and potentially win. Here is a look at the basics of SRL cricket and at how you can get involved.

How does SRL cricket work?

SRL cricket is a virtual version of the game that utilises algorithms and draws on historical data from hundreds of real matches to create simulations. Instead of watching a live cricket match, you will see a computer-generated version that will result in a random but realistic outcome.

The types of data used to create an SRL scenario include player form and statistics, team performance to date, and the climate at the real-life location in which the simulated action will take place. With no real-time delays and breaks, simulated T20 matches are about one hour shorter than live matches, meaning they last around two hours.

You can place bets on simulated T20 action from leagues across the world, such as the Indian Premier League, South Africa SA20 League and Australia’s Big Bash. Other options include the Pakistan Super League SRL and the Caribbean Premier League SRL. If you prefer international matches, there is the International Super Sixes SRL competition. The current line up consists of India, Australia, England, Pakistan, South Africa, and New Zealand.

The advantages of SRL include certainty that the game will go ahead (no rain delays!), plus no last-minute team changes due to player illness or injury. In addition, there is SRL action all year round.

Drawbacks include that even though the graphics have come a long way since SRL started, it cannot replicate the look and feel of a live cricket match. This may affect the enjoyment of fans but is unlikely to deter sports bettors. For even more choice, there is also SRL football (soccer), horse racing and tennis, plus some US sports.

Betting on SRL cricket

There are lots of opportunities for placing money wagers or betting with crypto on SRL upcoming matches. The process is similar to betting on real cricket matches. Depending on the betting site you choose, there might be both in-play and pre-game betting.

Among the many betting options in SRL, there is the simple wager on which team you think will win (match bet). You can also wager on the likelihood of a tied game (tie bet) or on a player’s total runs. In addition, there is the more complicated over/under bet. For example, you can bet on whether a batter will score over or under a certain number of runs.

So, whether you are waiting for the next real-time cricket league or competition to start, or you simply want to add something different to your sportsbook betting, you might like to check out the latest SRL schedule and start making your predictions.

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