Review of the popular game Aviator

Gambling enthusiasts around the world have long appreciated the game of Aviator. It is a versatile entertainment that allows you to spend your free time with interest, experience vivid and unforgettable emotions, and with a certain amount of luck and fortune, earn a large sum of money.


Game Rules

Thousands of users around the world are attracted to the simple and intuitive game rules. Even a novice will not have to spend a lot of time to understand all the intricacies and nuances, to understand how to get a chance to earn real money. Moreover, there is an opportunity to launch the game in demo mode. In this case, the user can delve into the rules of the game by playing with virtual currency, without risking their own funds. The main rules of Aviator Game are:

  1. The player must place a bet before the start of the round. There is a little time for this – on average, the user has 5-10 seconds. There is an option to set up automatic acceptance of bets for a certain amount specified by the user.
  2. The user must stop the game in the round before the plane flies away. In this case, they will receive a win. To calculate the earnings, it is enough to multiply the amount wagered by the coefficient fixed at the moment the round is stopped.
  3. If the user does not manage to stop the game before the plane flies away, they will incur a loss, and the money will be considered lost.

What are the chances of winning in the Aviator game?

As with other gambling games, the chances of making a profit in such games can objectively be assessed by the RTP indicator, which is the percentage of return to players. Experts consider games with an RTP of at least 97% to be super-profitable. That’s exactly the figure recorded in the Aviator game. Therefore, it is highly likely to earn here.

Winning strategies in Aviator

To regularly achieve a stable result, it is better not only to rely on luck but also to follow working strategies. Using one of the following recommendations can provide stable profit:

  1. You can collect winnings as soon as the coefficient reaches the 1.3-1.4 mark. Most rounds will be like this, but it’s impossible to avoid losses. In some cases, the plane flies away at a rate of 1.01. After a failure, three or four successful rounds will be required to break even.
  2. The second strategy is to collect winnings when the coefficient reaches the 2 mark. There will be slightly less than half of such rounds. However, it will be much faster to recover lost money and come out ahead after a failure.
  3. The third strategy is the riskiest but capable of providing maximum profit when winning. Approximately once an hour, the plane stays in the air for so long that the coefficient grows to 100 or 200. It is recommended to wait for such a round, measure one hour and start betting in each round, waiting for the profit to grow at least 100 times compared to the amount bet. In this situation, it is necessary to have a sufficiently large amount in the account since it may take many rounds for the user to wait for such a high coefficient.

How to download the application

The game can be launched on a computer or mobile device, and the application can be downloaded if necessary. The mobile client can be downloaded to a smartphone or tablet. It is enough to download the installation file and run it. With the application, the game will always be at hand and easily accessible.

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