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How to Take Advantage of the Growing Sports Betting Market?

Market growth and expansion for sports betting are happening quickly. According to statistics, the number of people betting on sports worldwide has increased by more than 800% since 2000.

Betting money has increased more than ever during this time due to the huge growth of the internet gaming market. Let’s look at how to take advantage of the growing sports betting market with 24-betting analysts and how to consistently win more.


Sports Betting

Thanks to the rapid growth of the sports betting market, beginners and avid bettors now have a vast choice of what to bet on.

For example, India’s largest betting platform 24betting sportsbook offers the following sports:

  • Cricket
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • eSports
  • Fantasy Sports etc

The list of sports on which you may bet is far longer than this. The choice on the 24betting.bet portal is huge, choose the sport that you like or are best versed in and earn big money.

Sports betting is one of the favorite entertainments of online casino visitors. This is not surprising because this is an opportunity to increase the amount on your account and spend time with adrenaline.

Betting Exchange

Also, betting exchanges are available to users of most gambling services, giving players different emotions. They offer the highest odds on the market as they profit from commissions on player winnings rather than margins.

By placing bets on the exchange, users play with each other. For example, one player offers the amount and odds of a chance on a particular option. 

The other player can accept all or part of that bet, become a bookmaker, and make a counteroffer. This is quite a fun way to place bets and, at the same time, increase your chances of winning.

Users often choose a betting exchange service so that they can find many offers from players like them. On all platforms of this kind, you first need to register and then place bets and win.

Become a handicapper

Cappers are people who professionally make sports predictions. That is, it is optional to make bets yourself. You can earn on forecasts for those who want to play.

There are famous cappers who got rich in this business. For example, Patrick Veitch, uses mathematical analysis for sports forecasts. And he is so successful in his calculations that many casinos stopped accepting money from him and he began to earn money by selling his predictions to other bettors.

World famous handicappers:

  • Jack Jones
  • Rob Vinciletti
  • Mark Wilson
  • Black Widow

This profession is not taught in higher educational institutions, to master all the intricacies of this profession, you must be able to analyze what is happening in the world of sports carefully. But this occupation can bring a lot of money, as the number of people who bet on sports is growing daily.


It is optional to play for money to make money on bets. Instead, the topic of rates is developing. There are more and more media outlets that are specifically focused on betting, including bloggers on YouTube, bookmaker adverts on Telegram channels, and several TV and web-based publications. 

Best Betting Blogs and Websites:

  • ESPN FC Betting Blog
  • Sportsbook Review (SBR)
  • Betting Gods
  • MrFixitsTips
  • Bettingsports
  • OddsMonkey Blog

By publishing articles on betting in the press and on social media, keeping a blog about sports and match predictions, and taking part in tournaments, you may make extra money.

Anyone sufficiently immersed in the topic or has long been versed in sports can make money on sports betting. But if you are in the mood for big wins, join the professional players, stay tuned, use bonuses, and increase your capital at the best online betting platforms in Asia.

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