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Taipei T10 League : 2nd Match Titans vs TCA Fantasy Preview


Taipei T10 League 2020 – 2nd Match, Hsinchu Titans vs TCA Indians Fantasy Preview

The Taipei T10 League is a cricket tournament, scheduled to be played in Taiwan between 8 teams. Aiming at starting a new legacy by bringing in the 10-over game format to the nation, the Taipei T10 League will be first of its kind. 

    Taiwan T10 league is the first cricket tournament to be hosted in the last 1 month. It is helping to rebuild the world of sports and fantasy cricket too. As there aren’t much sporting action going on across the globe, Taiwan hosted football and basketball and they’ve now also introduced the Taipei T10 League, the first of its kind and one that’ll make everyone happy right from fantasy sports lovers to sports betters as well.

    8 teams are playing this 10-over format tournament and this will be the 2nd match of Taipei T10 League. Live streaming of all these T10 games will be available on Pakistani sports telecasting app SportsTiger. 

    Match info – 

    Tournament Name: Taipei T10 League 2020

    Date: 25th April 2020, 01:30 PM IST, 

    Venue: Yingfeng Ground, TPE

    Series status: Match 2nd

    Taipei T10 League 2020 – Hsinchu Titans vs TCA Indians Fantasy Preview

    Squads – 

    Hsinchu Titans – 

    Venkatesh Goudar, Rachit Agarwal, Vijay Kumar, Vinay MS, Karuna Nidhi, Ashish Kumar Pandey, Venky Rebel, Nitesh Gupta, Manik Nandan, Raguram, Eknath Sarkar, Joyal Francis, Vijay Ganisetty, Thomas Rayen, Parmod Kumar, Jami Hema Ganesh

    TCA Indians – 

    Ajay Gupta, Amit Kumar Bedaka, Girish Hiranandani, Jaysiva Ganesamurthi, Jyotish Singh, Kishore Krishnagiri, Krish Veera, Krishnendu Chatterji, Manoj Kriplani, Mohit Shama, Murugan Subramani, Neeraj Singh Patel, Partheeban Chinnamuthy, Praveen Kumar Chitte., Ramprasad Selvaraju, Sudip Sinha, Vivek Hegde, Vivek Mahato

    Hsinchu Titans Possible Playing XI – 

    Vijay Kumar, Joyal Francis, Vinay MS, Maniknandan, Rachit Agarwal, Venkatesh Goudar, Raguram, Nitesh Gupta, Vijay Ganisetty, Thomas Rayen, Pramod Kumar Mandal

    Player Stats of Titans 

    (T20 Stats of the Players) Format of the Stats will be :- Matches-Runs-S.R-100s-50s

    Vijay Kumar :- 18-268-121.27-0-1 + 5 wickets

    Joyal Francis :- 22-359-139.58-0-1 + 22 wickets

    Vinay MS:- 17-76-69.09-0-0 + 4 wickets

    Manikandan:- 21-70-97.22-0-0 + 19 wickets

    Rachit Agarwal:- 20-569-152.14-0-4 + 20 wickets

    Venkatesh Goudar:- 14-233-112.02-0-1 

    Raguram:- 14-68-94.44-0-0 + 18 wickets 

    Nitesh Gupta:- 29-615-118.50-0-2 + 22 wickets 

    Vijay Ganisetty:- 13-40-121.21-0-0 + 6 wickets 

    Thomas Rayen:- 10-122-100.83-0-1 + 7 wickets

    Pramod Kumar Mandal :- Main bowler (14 wickets in 5 Matches) 

    Joyal Francis, Vijay Kumar and Rachit Agarwal are must picks in any of the small league teams because they all bat at top order and played three matches during their practice session last year and performed well too. Joyal Francis and Vijay Kumar can be the wise C VC pick in SL as Joyal is an all-rounder and bats at top order while Vijay is a technically sound batsmen. Manikandan, Raguram and Nitesh Gupta are other players to look for in Small Leagues and in GLs too. 

    TCA Indians Possible Playing XI – 

    Girish Hiranandani, Amit Kumar Bedaka, Manoj Kriplani, Vivek Hegde, Murugan Subramani, Partheeban Chinnamuthy, Ajay Gupta, Krishnendu Chatterji, Krish Veera, Neeraj Singh Patel, Kishore Krishnagiri, 

    Players Stats of TCA in T20s – 

    Girish Hiranandani:- 4-25-62.50-0-0

    Amit Kumar:- 4-126-136.96-0-3 + 3 wickets

    Manoj Kriplani:- 9-155-112.32-0-1 + 9 Wickets

    Vivek Hegde:- 7-136-130.77-0-1 + 2 Wickets 

    Murugan Subramani:- 4-75-102.74-0-1 + 2 Wickets 

    Krish Veera:- No Stats available

    Neeraj Singh Patel:- 4 Wickets in 4 Match

    Kishore Krishnagiri: – Bowler – No Stats

    Partheeban Chinnamuthu:- Debutant

    Krishnendu Chatterji:- Debutant

    Not much data available about TCA Indians players but captain Manoj Kriplani and Vice captain Vivek Hegde can be the wise picks in your small leagues team. Amit Kumar and Murugan Subramani are other important players to be picked in small league teams.

    C/VC Choice – Joyal Francis, Vijay Kumar, Rachit Agarwal, Manoj Kriplani, Vivek Hegde


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    Taipei T10 League : 2nd Match Titans vs TCA Fantasy Preview

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