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How to Play Ballebaazi Quiz (BB Quiz) | Win Real Money Daily


Ballebaazi (BB Quiz) :-

Well, let us just admit it already that we are missing out on a lot of fantasy sport due to the recent coronavirus #Covid_19 outbreak and we aren’t sure when we can have some actual games happening with our beloved sports stars gracing the game yet again. 
Fantasy sport applications have now started to Indulge their users by organising Virtual cricket and Quizzes on their platforms and Ballebaazi is the newest addition to add BB Quiz in there section. 

Apart from the virtual fantasy sports on BalleBaazi, the Ballebaazi has decided to launch their own BalleBaazi quiz on the application which is named as BB Quiz. 

Similar to the league structures on fantasy cricket & fantasy football we will have our own Fantasy Cricket & Fantasy Football quiz contests on BalleBaazi and winners can earn real cash online daily.

BB Quiz: Rewarding your Knowledge of the most loved game ever

The Quiz format on the BalleBaazi application will be similar to most quizzes you might have played on some other mobile applications too.

Users will be able to choose the Quiz type from the Quiz section. 

For Example : Under Cricket Quiz, users will be able to see the Cricket Quiz Category. When the user chooses the category they will be able to see the Quiz Leagues which will be similar to the Sports Fantasy Leagues that include Head to Head, Head3Head, Head4Head etc. Users will be able to see the number of questions based on the contest amount and Max number of players with Quiz name.

Users will also be able to invite their friends in the league to join and play with them.

How to Play Ballebaazi Quiz (BB Quiz) | Win Real Money Daily
Ballebaazi (Pic Credit – Instagram)

How to Play BB Quiz :-

Users will be given a choice to select a language of their preference like Hindi or English and then they are in the Quiz interface. League will have a normal bonus application.

There are 2 kinds of Leagues in BB Quiz :-

1 – Dynamic Leagues
2 – Static Leagues

Dynamic Leagues :-

Dynamic Leagues, denoted by Tab D on the Quiz League, states that the maximum number of the player who can enter the league is 5 and the maximum prize pool is written on the top which can be divided among the players. 
For Example – if there are 2 players then 1 player will be the winner and if the number of players is 5 then there will be 3 winners in the game. 

All the information related to the Dynamic league will be available on the second screen i.e., Winning distribution screen and when the user reaches the Quiz interface than within 30 sec depending on the number of players joined the Quiz League the winning distribution will be visible and if no one joined then the user will have to try again and money will be refunded to the user.

Static Leagues :-

The static league will act as normal leagues with the predefined prize pool. If the contest says 6 players, 4 Questions and 3 winners then all the distribution will be available in the same manner. When 6 players will join then only the match will start and after finishing 4 questions the prize will be distributed among 3 winners.

Rules of BB Quiz :-

1.It is a real-time Multiplayer quiz competition played with real money. 

2.You will be asked questions based on the Topic you choose. 

3.Your Opponent will be chosen randomly. 

4.Each player will get the same questions and the players will get 10s to answer each question. 

5.If there is a tie then the equal prize money is distributed among all winners. 

6 Winners will be the one who answers more correct answers in less time.

7.If a user quits the game in between or minimises the app while the quiz is being played then his/her score will become 0 and other players can keep going and the winner will be declared among those. 

8.There are no Bots or Dummy players playing the match with you. 

The following listed quizzes will be live on the BalleBaazi application in the formats:

Head To Head , H3H, H4H, No Bonus Timer, No BB-Coins
Join in on the BB application Quiz and start earning real cash as you answer correctly. Keep your fantasy sports knowledge and skills in check as we prepare you for the self quarantine fantasy fun. 

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