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7 Cricketers who were banned for doping : Caught in the doping act


7 Cricketers who were banned for doping :-

The world has witnessed many sports stars who have been caught and subsequently punished for using drugs. Among them, the most recent addition is Prithvi Shaw, who has been handed a back-dated eight-month suspension for a doping violation after ingesting a prohibited substance Terbutaline.

The BCCI said Prithvi, who made his Test debut last year, admitted to the Anti-Doping Rule Violation (ADRV) but the 19-year-old asserted that it was ‘inadvertent’, ingesting the substance when he had used an over-the-counter cough syrup.

Here is the list of cricketers who were punished for drug related offences:

1 – Yusuf Pathan


7 Cricketers who were banned for doping : Caught in the doping act
Yusuf Pathan (Pic Credit – Instagram)

Yusuf Pathan was given a five-month review suspension. 

Previous India all-rounder Yusuf Pathan was given a five-month review suspension for bombing a numbskull test, an approval which ended on January 14 2018, after the Board of Control for Cricket in India acknowledged that the infringement was incidental. 

“Mr Yusuf Pathan has been suspended for a doping infringement. Mr Pathan had coincidentally ingested a disallowed substance, which can be generally found in hack syrups,” the BCCI had said in an announcement. 

The 38-year-old Pathan had given a pee test as a major aspect of the BCCI’s enemy of doping testing program during a residential T20 rivalry on March 16, 2017. 

“His example was accordingly tried and found to contain Terbutaline. Terbutaline, a predefined substance, is precluded both In and Out of Competition in the WADA Prohibited List of Substances,” BCCI included

2 – Ahmed Shehzad

7 Cricketers who were banned for doping : Caught in the doping act
Ahmad Shehzad (Pic Credit – Twitter)

Pakistan batsman Ahmed Shehzad was restricted for four months for disregarding hostile to doping guidelines after he tried positive for a precluded substance in May 2018. The PCB temporarily suspended Shehzad in July after his in-rivalry pee test gathered during the Pakistan Cup local competition had tried positive. 

The board said the 26-year-old acknowledged that he submitted the infringement yet had no aim to cheat or improve his exhibition. 

The announcement didn’t indicate the substance for which Shehzad had tried positively. 

As a piece of his recovery procedure, Shehzad additionally needed to convey addresses on against doping as and when the PCB required.

3 – Mohammad Asif

In 2008, Pakistan pace bowler Mohammad Asif bombed a doping test since he had a restricted substance during the competition that year. Asif was likewise associated with a medication related discussion during the Champions Trophy 2006 for taking nandrolone – an androgen and anabolic steroid for which he was prohibited for a year however that choice was later switched. 

Pakistan pacer Mohammad Asif was given a one-year boycott by the Indian Premier League Drugs Tribunal for bombing an idiot test during the debut version of the competition in 2008, while playing for Delhi Daredevils. 

In the wake of seeing the 26-year-old quick bowler as liable for disregarding the counter doping code, the IPL Drug Tribunal, led by legitimate master Shirish Gupte made the proper declaration.

4 – Shoaib Akhtar 

7 Cricketers who were banned for doping : Caught in the doping act
Shoaib Akhtar (Pic Credit – Instagram)

Pakistan’s pacemen Shoaib Akhtar alongside Asif tried positively for execution improving medication tests preceding their initial match in the 2006 Champions Trophy against Sri Lanka in Jaipur, following which both were pulled back from the crew and sent back home. 

In any case, the pair were later cleared by an intrigue board. 

The World Anti-Doping Agency provoked PCB’s choice to lift bans on quick bowlers Akhtar and Asif by taking the case to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, an intrigue which was additionally bolstered by the ICC. 

Be that as it may, in July 2007, the Court of Arbitration for Sport dropped the case, administering it had no locale to challenge PCB’s decision.

5 – Shane Warne

7 Cricketers who were banned for doping : Caught in the doping act
Shane Warne (Pic Credit – Twitter)

Australia’s Spinner Shane Warne was suspended for a year in 2003 preceding the beginning of the World Cup, after he tried positive for a prohibited diuretic. 

Warne at first asserted that he took just one of what he called a “liquid tablet” – the physician endorsed medicare Moduretic – on his mom’s recommendation, trying to improve his appearance. 

He guaranteed obliviousness of the prohibited nature and tablet he took, just as a great part of the medication arrangement of the Australian Cricket Board notwithstanding broad briefings on the issue previously. 

Accused of utilizing “a denied strategy to improve execution”, he was forced a one-year boycott. 

It was additionally uncovered, and affirmed by Warne in a consequent TV meet, that he had really taken two of the pills. 

Warne’s declaration, and that of his mom, was depicted by the board as “unclear and conflicting”. 

The board ruled against forcing the full two-year boycott on the grounds that the medication would have had no presentation upgrading impact, there was no proof that Warne utilized the diuretic to cover steroid use, and clinical conclusion expressed that steroids would not have improved Warne’s recuperation from a shoulder injury he had endured a little while before, or helped his game regardless.

6 – Yasir Shah

The International Cricket Council temporarily suspended Pakistan spinner Yasir Shah after he failed a bonehead test directed in 2015 during the ODI arrangement against England. 

“The International Cricket Council (ICC) declared that Pakistan’s bowler Yasir Shah has been accused of an enemy of doping rule infringement under the ICC Anti-Doping Code,” the world body said in an announcement. 

The example of the Pakistani leg-spinner gave in an in-rivalry test, which was led on November 13 2015, was found to contain the nearness of chlorthalidone, a Prohibited Substance which shows up in Section 5 of the WADA Prohibited List (in the classification of Specified Substances). 

The player was likewise restricted from Asia Cup and ICC World T20.

7 – Pradeep Sangwan

7 Cricketers who were banned for doping : Caught in the doping act
Pradeep Sangwan (Pic Credit – Instagram)

In 2013, Kolkata Knight Riders pacer Pradeep Sangwan was hit with a 18-month restriction from cricket subsequent to being seen as liable for expending a prohibited anabolic steroid by the BCCI’s Anti-Doping Tribunal. 

The 24-year-old, who was a piece of India’s World Cup-winning Under-19 group in 2008, was restricted for utilization of a denied substance during the 6th release of the IPL in 2013. 

Sangwan was the main Indian expert cricketer to be restricted after he had tried positive for stanozolol – a disallowed steroid – which was found in his pee test. 

He came back to serious cricket in November 2014 in the wake of serving out his boycott.

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