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Bet365 is a reasonably big bookmaker, originally from Russia. It attracts millions of regulars, which means you’ll likely have come across the company once or twice in your betting career. So, since it’s inevitable, you might as well learn how the thing operates. This tutorial could very well help.

It could also help to know what kind of provider this company is. There are plenty of different betting providers, and you shouldn’t stick with a website that doesn’t meet your needs. As such, it should be easy to navigate and use, plentiful in its betting options and trustworthy. The company is more or less all these things.

How to Make a Bet in Bet365

Unlike of their counterparts, Bet365 is largely just a sportsbook. In it, the entire betting process is split into sections and categories. And the first thing you want to do is select your sport.

There are several main categories – all presented on the left side of your screen in a vertical roster. Firstly, there are several currently popular leagues from all over the world under the ‘favorite’ section, with no sport limitations. Bundesliga, US Open (tennis tournament) or Stanley Cup can all be presented if currently ongoing and popular.

Below the ‘favorite’, there are the main sports under the ‘full list’ category. Although titled this way, it’s not really full. It is, however, home to about a dozen sports from all over the world that millions view at any given moment. Because of it, you can readily access a beloved sport that you need to bet on.

More sports are represented below, and there is also a separate ‘motorsport’ category added in the middle. The motorsport cups are sporadically popular, but still pretty niche. That’s why they are there. At the very bottom, you can also find the ‘other’ section, which contains all the small regional games, like the Australian football and such.

To make a bet, you need to select your sport, go to a league and the game that want to wager on and click on one of three main outcomes (win-draw-win). The top games are immediately shown at the top of the screen when you choose a sport. Others can be accessed through a menu below.

Live Sport Bets

The ‘live’ menu is a whole different part of the sportsbook. You can go to it by clicking ‘live’ in the header menu. Clicking it will open a separate book with vertically listed sports – not all of them, only the most sought-after games that are played at the moment. These games are literally played right now.

Naturally, it makes the coefficients steeper, but the betting is also more exciting from it. The actual process of making a bet is exactly the same. You only need to press one of three buttons. If a game doesn’t have draws, then it’s just the two buttons that stand for either team.

Bet365 Bonus Program

The company’s bonus program can be seen in the ‘extra’ section – accessible through a small link next to the two main categories in the top left corner. Rules, news and other trivia can also be found there. The main bonus is the usual welcome bonus, but there are several other promotions here. 

How to Get the Bonus

The main bonus program offers new customers a whopping 100 EUR (or the equivalent thereof). All you need to do to claim it is register on Bet365 and press the necessary button during the registration process. There are some limitations that this bonus applies to your account, but you can freely read all about it.

Football Bets

Football (soccer) bets might be the most utilized feature of the entire platform. It is, after all, a European provider. All major leagues and some minor European leagues are represented. Cups from other parts of the world are more problematic, but you can also find plenty of them here.

Football here attracts by far the most users, and the sport has more games than any other sport in the roster. As such, they committed their best hardware to making sure football bets are stable during peak hours.

How to Place a Football Bet

To make a football wager, you need to select the football from the list of sports (live or otherwise), find the match you are interested in and just press one of the three buttons under ‘1’, ‘X’ or ‘2’. They correspond to ‘home win’, ‘draw’ or ‘guest win’. The coefficients are drawn right next to these buttons.

Of course, you also need to have some money on hand before placing a bet. For it, you need to make a deposit in your preferred method.

Registration at Bet365

To register on Bet365, you need to create an account here. For it, click the ‘sign up’ button at the top right corner of the screen – it’s a big yellow rectangle, you can’t miss it.

After that, you’ll have to share some personal information. That includes your country of residence, country of origin, name, phone number, email and, of course, login and password. It requests more personal info than some other providers, but it’s still tolerable for the level of transparency they offer.

Private infoContact infoAccount info
Country of residence & nationalityPhone numberPassword
Full name & title
Date of birth

After that, you’ll be able to join the website and almost start betting. You’ll only have to connect your bank card or other payment method to make a deposit, and that’s largely it.

How to Make the First Deposit

Money transfers are allegedly 1-3 days long here, although it can still take time depending on your situation. Deposits tend to be fast, at the very least. Withdrawals, on another hand, can be processed for some time before they reach their destination.

There are several ways to pay on this website:

  1. E-wallets: Neteller, Paysafe, Ecopayz;
  2. Bank transfers: wire transfer, credit & debit cards;
  3. Payment systems: Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay.

More are obviously available, but these are the most utilized. In fact, there are several dozen ways to cash up on Bet365, including the ones just mentioned. The commissions are usually either non-existent or negligible.

Support service

If you have trouble depositing the money to this website, or with any other subject, you can always contact the support. They are approachable, polite and fast enough. You can contact them via phone, email or a messenger of choice. Either way, they try to reply as fast as possible and in your spoken language, if possible.


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