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10Cric App – Download 10Cric Free for Android APK and IOS


Download The 10Cric Betting App

Going by the game itself, the bookie’s name speaks volumes about the popularity of cricket in the Indian subcontinent. A great part of any bookie is having services to match its reputation. Great things are in store for any punter to use their services and launching 10cric application is an attempt to ensure that their customers are never inconvenienced accessing their services.

Now, 10cric app aren’t exactly a new thing, as a matter of fact, most if not all bookies have one. In an attempt to cover as many potential customers as possible, the bookmaker has decided it best to focus on better capturing their mobile audience. It is much more convenient to access a mobile cellular device than it is to access a computer during the normal working day of any person. That being said, it isn’t something to be taken lightly given a vast majority of punters cannot fathom using anything other than a mobile application 10cric to access any bookie’s markets.

All else is just cosmetic when it comes to them. It is not without its facets and a proper review should be done to determine what exactly the bookie intends with this launch. Find out as we review the official android and iOS 10cric wagering application.

Merits and demerits

Like all things ever made, nothing comes without its fair share of criticisms. With an increasing customer base, the bookie had to go all out in this one to ensure they do not lose their customers due to a poor user experience.

The first thing that comes to mind when you see the 10cric app is the great detail that went into designing the user interface. With a lot hanging on how easy their system is to use, the bookie went with familiarity as they decided to go with the main website’s theme. So, for starters, the one major advantage the 10cric app offers is its ease of use. Proper research went into the user experience portion of the design and it was well worth the investment. Another thing that soon becomes obvious is the amount of personalization made possible by mobile technology. With powerful features at their disposal, the user quickly becomes accustomed to having everything related to their account available on their device.

By highlighting your favorite teams and leagues, you can get notified of upcoming events and fixtures therefore never missing out on any opportunity to cash in big with the bookie. However, with all great things, it isn’t perfect in any regard. It’s one major hole is the lack of full support for all devices. With all applications, the developers needed to decide on where to base 10cric app on. Sadly, this has left out a large portion of users who have yet to upgrade to the latest versions of their platforms.

What to make of the final 10cric product

A lot can be seen from a bookie in the way they handle 10cric apk development process. With all at stake, the bookie has gone full in and decided the user experience must be unrivaled. Cricket wagers get all the love in 10cric app market and an unsurprising move; it gets an entirely dedicated section for its customers. For a lack of words, everything about how you navigate through the entire 10cric apk seems rooted in familiarity and intuition.

A great choice of colors ensures everything is as legible as possible and the language options mean you won’t be confused, regardless of what you find most comfortable using. A lot of 10cric app main services revolve around sports betting and this is usually the main highlight shown when you launch the 10cric app. That being said, nothing can detract from poor services and this is where their odds and markets come in. A very wide selection of popular and bespoke markets unlike most bookies with the options of building your custom slip based on what you enjoy and is most comfortable with.

It would be frustrating not being able to fund your account after creating a slip and this is where all their payment processing channels come in. With access to so many payment processing methods, the user is now lucky enough to be able to do anything they would on the main website on 10cric app mobile device.

Where to access the installation package?

Despite its immense popularity, no brand is without its shortcomings and this is where Google’s market policies bare their fangs.  Owing to its core values, the brand cannot allow any form of bookmaking activity to be done using its marketplace. That leaves a lot of organizations in the dust 10cric being one of them. That leaves them with only one alternative.

Creating their own precompiled 10cric app installation package and giving 10cric app punters access enough to create their local installation. Going to the Downloads section, the link to such a file can be found, on the 10cric website. A warning will show up when you try to save the file but this should most definitely be ignored if you know the origin of the file. The section can be found by clicking the little android image on the navigation.

Carrying out the 10cric installation?

When you have the file locally, then you can carry out the next part of this process. In its default setting, you cannot install 10cric apps other than through the PlayStore, and attempting to do so will prompt you to give the necessary permissions to the file. That is the case with this installation. Attempting to open the downloaded 10cric apk file will prompt the setting to show up and you will need to disable it to continue with this process.

Once you have done so, trying to open the file once again will trigger the 10cric app installer to take over the installation process. A list of permissions will be displayed and all you have to do is click on the install button to complete the process.  Once you have, the process takes a few seconds to complete and you will be able to get a personalized installation of the 10cric app on your device. What does my Android device need for 10cric to work?

What does my Device need on Android?

Despite all attempts at inclusion, the realm of software design is one where some people have to be left out. With regards to the development process, all attempts were made to make the 10cric application s lightweight as possible and thus accommodate as wide a range of devices as possible. This, however, is not sufficient to make up for the shortcomings of much earlier and less endowed devices. That is why there are some minimum system needs needed to operate the application to its optimum.

When it comes to processing power, you need at least 1GHZ of processing speeds to run the 10cric app at full power. A single-core processor is adequate, yet a multi-core one would be preferable to avoid any processing bottlenecks that cause lags. The other thing is memory and you need at least 100Mb of it at least during normal runs. Memory consumption may increase when doing more memory-intensive things like streaming but at the bare minimum, having 100Mb of it should suffice for most day-to-day use. Coming to operating systems and this is where it gets a bit tricky. Android 4.4.2 is the lowest version supported by the developers so much older devices get left out of the fun.

Installation procedure for Apple Devices on the iOS platform

Apple devices are some of the most premium ones out there and their manufacturer claims all access to 10cric app marketplace. This means there are no other means of accessing the mobile market other than through their official marketplace. That comes in very handy for punters as there is nothing different about installing 10cric on your iOS device compared to the other applications on the store.

The first thing needed is to launch the device’s store application. Here, in the bar provided, key in the bookie’s name and the results will be quickly populated. Once you have identified the correct application, click the install button and the 10cric application will be on your device. Despite the differences in approaches, the applications are identical and you need not waste any time trying to find and exploit any advantages or disadvantages posed by one or both of them.

Mobile Device Compatibility

Mobile devices come in all shapes and sizes. With the landscape as open as it is, different manufacturers have gone with eccentricities in regards to devices and 10cric app features. That being said, the question most may ask is whether their manufacturer was supported by the 10cric app.

The gist of it is that if the 10cric app meets the minimum specifications required by the application, then it should work just fine. Additional features that come with the device such as biometric security can be further used by your device but are not a must-have on all devices. Apple devices are greatly supported and chances are if you still receive regular updates on your Apple devices, then this should work just as well. In regards to brands such as Huawei, who have been banned from the American market and services, the 10cric apk will install just fine but certain services that may require the use of Google native services may refuse to work as designed.

Alternatives should the download fail

Certain scenarios arise where the 10cric app refuses to install on your mobile device. Another scenario is where another installation already exists on the device or you don’t have the time, nor mind, to go through with the installation process. If you happen to find yourself stuck in such a situation, then the mobile version is here to rescue you. Designed for cellular displays, the mobile version of 10cric is heaven-sent to punters. Older devices are not uncommon, seeing as you don’t have to replace what is already working.

However, instead of using an ugly desktop website, you get the convenience of a website that looks eerily similar to the 10cric app. With all its abundant features and wager tools, joining the action no longer necessitates an android installation or desktop computer to get ultimate functionality and aesthetics. One thing you come to appreciate with the mobile website is how creatively efficient 10cric app use of their entire display is. Swiping from the left or right reveals navigation options so the screen seems less cluttered giving the user more space to see the events and markets of interest to them.

Registration process

Joining in on the fun is the next logical step for any interested party. With their abundant features, the bookie gets some interested parties from time to time. One thing that discourages punters the world over is the existence of a lengthy registration process. The process should always be as brief as necessary. When you first launch the 10cric app, the very first thing that greets you is the login page. This is where already registered users can fill in their credentials and get the very best markets and tools on 10cric once they access 10cric app account. For new users, the register button is right below it.

This takes you to the alternative page where you can fill in all your personal information and create a new account. Filling in the form, the next step is to confirm your contact information and create a security question. The security question is the last bastion of defense should you be unable to access your account and contacts provided. After this, it’s all fun and games as you will be taken to your newly created account where you can play on 10cric’s marketplace.

Mobile Bonuses and promotions

One thing always appreciated is promotional materials that in effect, create avenues where punters can easily reap profits at minimal cost to themselves. When it comes to this bookie, the one thing they always appreciate is the newly joined users on 10cric app platform. With regards to this, the bookie awards all their newly joined members with a registration bonus. When you fund your account with a stake for the first time, the amount is automatically matched by the bookie and held in a separate wallet. This can be used as a substitute for a stake and once rolled over several times, the amount can be withdrawn to your external wallets. It is available regardless of how you joined and how you play, provided the bookie is 10cric.

Deposit And Withdrawal Methods

Having any difficulty moving cash to and from a bookie should be a red flag and 10cric is quick to remove those. By providing the most popular transaction channels currently on the market, they at least ensure 10cric app customers can have one method that is the most convenient for their person. Web money came with the rise of the internet and channels such as Skrill and Payoneer are available to their punters. Another great addition is the inclusion of mobile money and cryptocurrency solutions. That means you can get your cash in your preferred wallet of choice. Channels such as banks, wire transfers, VISA, MasterCard, and credit cards are also available for 10cric app customers’ use.


Overall, the bookie provides a well-balanced experience perfect for any prospective punter. That being said more need to be done to increase the number of promotions available to their customers. 10cric app markets and odds are still fantastic but are not entirely something new in the market. A great recommendation for new and veteran punters.


Is there a free version of the 10cric app available for Indian customers?

Yes, you can get a charge-free download link straight from the bookie’s website. You don’t have to pay a single cent to get it regardless of your country of origin.

Is 10cric available from the Google Market?

Unfortunately, due to its strict gambling policies, no 10cric application can be listed in their marketplace and 10cric is no exception to this rule.

Can you play if you happen to be an Indian customer?

Yes, the bookie and its services are available to the average Indian punter, provided he is of legal age.

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