B’DAY SPECIAL: Canadian cricketer who scored extremely fast century in World Cup

Hearing the name of World Cup cricket, some of the best players often come to our mind, these are mostly from teams that are considered to be technically strong or successful.

B'DAY SPECIAL: Canadian cricketer who scored extremely fast century in World Cup
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There have also been many occasions when a weak team, or an unknown player, has done that feat, which was not expected by any cricket fans.

On some occasions, the underdog team has shown the trophy contenders out of the tournament, while many new players forced the opposition team to kneel.

The history of the WC is full of such stories. One such incident was seen in the 2003 ICC World Cup.

For the Canadian team, a player named John Davison had scored a century in just 67 balls against the strong West Indies.

After this innings, there was a panic in the cricket world, because it was the fastest century in WC history.

Even though the Canadian team could not cross the league stage of the WC held in South Africa, Davison recorded himself in the golden pages of history through this innings.

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This player is celebrating his 50th birthday today and we are remembering his extraordinary innings at this day.

However, in the next WC, Australia’s Matthew Hayden broke Davison’s record and then in the 2011 WC, Kevin O’Brien of Ireland beat all of them by scoring a century in just 50 balls.

John Davison captained the Canadian team in the 2007 World Cup and then in 2011 he was last seen in the World Cup tournament.

Davison played the role of spin coach of the Australian cricket team during the 2013–14 Ashes series.


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