The Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy, a local competition that starts on October 11th, will now include a "Impact Player" regulation, according to the BCCI.

Reports state that the regulation would be accepted in the 2023 season of the Indian Premier League (IPL). It was added to make the game's structure more interesting.

The fundamental aspect of the rule is that from the 10th to the 14th over of each innings, any member of the playing XI may be replaced by the impact player.

What's an Impact Player?

No, at the time of toss, each side will list 4 substitutes in addition to the XIs on the team sheets. One of the 4 will be chosen to be the Impact Player.

Can anyone be named as the Impact Player?

No, during the whole game, each side is only allowed to utilise one Impact Player.

Can all four players be substitutes during the match?

No, it is not compulsory to use impact player rule during the game.

Is the Impact Player rule required to be used during the game?

The head coach, captain, or manager of the team must inform the fourth or on-field umpire about a substitution.

During the match, how can an Impact Player be introduced?

During the innings break or at the loss of a wicket, the batting team may replace a player with an impact player.

When can a batting team use an Impact Player?

If a fielder is injured in the middle of an over or if the bowling team wants to introduce an Impact Player, it can dispatch its replacement.

When can a bowling team use an impact Player?

An Impact Player is allowed to bat or bowl his whole four-over allotment in a single uninterrupted inning.

What role will the Impact Player play on the field?

No, the player that was replaced will no longer take part in the game.

Can the player who has been substituted by an Impact Player take a further part in the game?

The BCCI has not yet made any official statements on the matter.

Will the rule be used in the 2023 edition of IPL?