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Cricket’s Impact on Indian Economy and Tourism

The cultural phenomenon of cricket in India has far-reaching effects on the country’s economy and tourism, going beyond the boundaries of traditional sports. This beloved pastime, hailed far and wide, acts as a major driver for economic prosperity and a magnet for visitors, both from near and far.

The analysis dives deep into the impact of online platforms like Yolo247, shedding light on how sports go way beyond the playing field and into the virtual world of fun and gambling, emphasizing its massive influence on the Indian economy.

It provides a thorough examination of cricket’s economic and tourism importance, drawing on findings from actual research and the knowledge of experts in the field.


Impact on Travel and Tourism

The ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup exerts a monumental influence on travel and tourism, a testament to cricket’s global appeal. The 2019 World Cup in England and Wales was a magnet for international attention, drawing in 1.2 million foreign visitors, including 320,000 from Southeast Asia, and injecting approximately £350 million into the local economy.

This event not only served as a sporting spectacle but also as a significant driver of economic activity in the host regions. Looking ahead to the 2023 World Cup in India, expectations are set even higher, with projections of 1.5 million guests and a staggering tourism expenditure of 5,705 crores.

The event’s impact on India’s tourism extends beyond mere numbers; it serves as a unique opportunity for cultural exchange and showcasing India’s rich heritage to a global audience. 

Boost to Local Economies

The local economy of host towns is deeply affected by cricket, and its economic influence goes far beyond the stadiums. The ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup is one example of a massive event that causes hotel costs to skyrocket due to the astronomical demand for rooms.

If you want to be a part of such an event but you do not have the opportunity to attend the games live, you can watch the broadcast via Betstarexch. When these matches are held in a city, the local economy, especially the hotel industry, sees a huge boost.

  • Pune witnessed hotel price increases of more than 360%.
  • Ahmedabad followed with 308%, Dharamshala 300%, Hyderabad 230%, Chennai 220%.
  • Lucknow (215%) and Kolkata (210%) also saw significant hikes.
  • Major cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Delhi experienced price increases between 125% and 205%.

This spike in pricing is a direct result of the increased demand from cricket fans all around the world. As a result of this demand, many local businesses, including hotels, restaurants, shops, and transportation companies, see an uptick in business.

Economic Uplift and Sectoral Impact

Bank of Baroda economists predict that the World Cup will provide a $2.4 billion windfall to India’s economy. Because it falls during the holiday season, this competition is sure to attract “sentimental purchases of merchandise.”

There is an expected income range of ₹105 billion to ₹120 billion from the several industries involved:

  • Food outlets, experiencing heightened demand for dining and takeout services.
  • Delivery applications, probably going to see a spike in orders while the match is in progress.
  • Aviation industry, with increased flights and passenger traffic to host cities.
  • The hotel sector, benefits from the influx of both domestic and international tourists.
  • Railway services, experiencing a surge in bookings for inter-city travel.
  • The liquor industry is likely to see increased sales during the festive and match periods.

The event is anticipated to have far-reaching consequences, benefiting several sectors of the Indian economy, ranging from mom-and-pop shops to multinational conglomerates.

Online Streaming and Merchandise Sales

Online streaming providers, such as Disney+ Hotstar, get a lot of customers during the World Cup. On its alone, the 2023 match between India and Pakistan drew 300 million television viewers and 35 million internet users. 

Also, clothing sales take a major hit during these matches, with the India jersey selling for about 150 crores.


Cricket helps social cohesiveness and economic stability in the long run, in addition to the short term. Investment, jobs, and exposure on the world stage are all on the table, further solidifying India’s status as a cricketing mecca. 

As a medium for sharing India’s cultural diversity with the globe, the sport has a ripple effect that brings people of all backgrounds together.

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