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What are Affiliate Programs in Betting?

The gambling industry is never empty. After all, this is a legal way to make quick money. A method whose success is not directly dependent on the player’s luck, which is a good reason to sign up with a bookie, make a deposit, and place a bet. Of course, any sports book remains profitable. They would simply not exist otherwise.

However, another person – a middleman between a bookmaker and a player – can claim a piece of the delicious and juicy pie. A guide pointing you in the right direction sounds really stupid. The one who brought the gambler to the betting site. There are different betting affiliate programs, but the essence is always the same: bring paying users and get a percentage from them. Or a fixed payment, depending on the chosen type of cooperation.


Affiliate Program in Betting – What it is?

This is an affiliate program where the advertiser is a betting company or a forecast seller. He compensates webmasters or arbitrageurs for bringing fans to his site to bet on the outcome of sporting events.

Types of betting affiliate programs

There are several main types of affiliate programs that you can find on the Internet:

  • Legal bookmakers who have been granted official permission to accept bets over the Internet, such as 24betting;
  • Illegal bookmakers are those who accept bets without a license or permit. If you place advertisements or links to such bookmakers on the site, your resource will be sanctioned and soon blocked.
  • Forecasting websites. They do not break the law because they do not accept bets and only provide information.
  • Aggregators accumulate offers from various bookmakers and other gambling niches.

The betting affiliate program can pay for two types of targeted user actions, depending on the type:

  • Depositing to a sportsbook company to bet on sports;
  • Subscription to the analytical site’s paid forecasts. In this case, the traffic monetization process is delayed: privateers typically start with free predictions and then subscribe to a paid newsletter after a while.

There are also several payment options for the affiliate program, but the most popular are Revenue Share

and Cost per Acquisition:

  1. RS: The partner refers to players who register, deposit, and wager. The commission for the partner is calculated based on the total income from invited users.
  2. CPA: A player is invited who must qualify, that is, register, make a deposit, and play for some time. After a certain period, the partner receives the agreed-upon sum.

Each of the options is profitable and interesting in its own right, but beginners are usually advised to go with the first one. At the very least, it does not necessitate high-quality traffic, as opposed to the second option, which is frequently connected individually for each partner.

Traffic Platforms

Affiliate programs of bookmakers often use the following traffic online sources: 

  • Personal websites. A good source of SEO traffic that is unconcerned about blocking. However, when creating a website for an affiliate program, you must be wise in the key selection, as described in one of the cases below.
  • YouTube channels featuring match reviews and other sporting events, as well as stories about clubs and players and predictions for upcoming games.
  • Social media communities are dedicated to a specific sport or individual teams, with sports discussion and free forecasts.
  • Blogs that provide free forecasts, online match broadcasts, and additional information of interest to fans, such as standings and club news;
  • Bookmaker rating websites, including ratings, reviews, and affiliate links. Typically, such sites host sports news and bookmakers sections, as well as knowledge bases with betting-related educational materials.

It’s advertising, which is a necessary part of the process; otherwise, how will users who want to make money from their knowledge of sports find out where to do so?


The legalization of bookmakers and the implementation of legitimate online betting mechanisms have increased the stability of this niche. Examples of draining traffic to betting show that there is an audience in the world of sports betting; if people continue to be active, it should be concluded that they still make money on betting.

Gambling fans will always exist in various sports. As a result, bookmakers will have a consistent audience; everything works together like a living organism; one cannot exist without the other.

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