The Biggest Betting Wins of the Last 10 Years

A successful bet with a high coefficient is a rare occurrence, and each one is covered extensively in the media. Do you aspire to be famous? Try your luck and place a bet at Rajabets to win a trip to the TV.

Every day, bets are placed on sporting events around the world. Some bet only on proven teams or at low odds, while others collect express trains with huge numbers. What are the biggest betting wins over the last difficult ten years: the first Instagram publications and the failed end of the world?

What is the likelihood of a successful outcome, and can a bookmaker help you make a fortune? This article looks at real-world examples involving large express trains.

Moscow’s Biggest Betting Win

In the spring of 2012, a Moscow resident did something incredible: he correctly predicted the outcomes of all 15 events in the betting shop’s sweepstakes. As a result, the lucky man who bet 50 rubles broke the jackpot that had been accumulating for several months, earning 141 million rubles (4.7 million dollars).

Faith and Sports Betting Win

An elderly Welshman won the lottery after believing in his own grandson. Grandfather bet 50 pounds at the local post office that his relative will one day play for Wales’ national team. Despite the 2500 coefficient, grandfather was correct. In 2013, Harry Wilson, a 16-year-old grandson, made his Welsh debut as a substitute in a game against Belgium.

Leicester City Premier League Betting Wins

The English Premier League is one of those leagues in which the cream always rises to the top. 

Only five teams have won the Premier League since 2010: Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, and Liverpool — and Leicester City in 2015. 

Leicester began the season as a 5000/1 underdog. Someone, however, was able to turn £100 into £200,000 by betting on them to win. It’s difficult to overstate how upset I am (soccer fanatics will tell you).

Vegas Dave and Kansas City Royals Betting Wins  

When the Kansas City Royals won their first World Series in 30 years in 2015, one Las Vegas resident walked away with a tidy sum of $2.5 million.

Back in April, closer to the start of the baseball season, Dave Oancea bet $100,000 on the Royals winning the World Series at a 30-to-1 odds. Oancea, also known as Vegas Dave, won $2.5 million on Sunday evening.

Oancea bet at multiple casinos, scattering thousands of dollars across Las Vegas. It is believed that this is the largest future bet ever cashed in sports betting history, which he made when the team was in last place.

James Adducci Bet on Tiger Woods 

In general, the title of the paragraph has already told half of the story. Tiger has been struggling recently, and what was once a relatively safe bet has become less likely. However, there are some cold-blooded players, and James Adducci simply wiped everyone’s nose.

James Adducci, making his first bet in his life, bet $85,000 on Woods to win the 2019 Masters at William Hill, with odds of 14/1. Adducci was compensated $1.2 million for his troubles.

A Betting Tip

Those looking for a big win should choose their sport carefully. Bookmakers almost never limit payments for major tennis tournaments or football, but they do for less popular sports like handball and water polo.


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