Beautiful Cricket – Famous Women Cricketers You Should Watch

Cricket indeed is quickly becoming the most popular sport in the world. It is played not only by men but also by women – beautiful, self-confident, they promptly reach all sports peaks and become famous.

We want to tell you about the most beautiful ladies who have achieved stunning success in cricket.

Ellyse Perry

Australian Ellyse Perry is only 32 years old. She was born in the suburbs of Sydney. The girl was a track and field athletics captain and a cricket captain at college. 

Ellyse became interested in cricket in July 2007. This girl became the youngest Australian who got into the women’s team. In addition, Ellyse is the first Australian to participate in the World Cups in football and cricket.

Besides cricket, Ellyse is involved in sports such as touch football, tennis, athletics, and golf. But this pretty blonde is not limited just to sports – she is now studying economics and social sciences.

Unfortunately, her heart is taken. For almost ten years, this beauty had been dating Matt Toomua. And in 2015, the couple got married, which they officially announced.

Xara Jetly

A young lady named Xara Jetly started playing cricket not long time ago – in 2018. But she has already achieved some success, and many fans know her well. She is from New Zealand. This girl prefers short cricket formats. She is part of the New Zealand women’s team in Wellington.

By the way, before heading into cricket, Xara worked as a teacher at a school. When the girl began to make her first successes in her favourite sport, she quit teaching and devoted herself entirely to the game.

Her heart is not free either – this year, Xara started dating a guy named Daniel Duckett. They don’t keep their relationship in secret but post touching pictures together on social networks.

Kavya Maran

The daughter of a famous Indian businessman and chairman of the Sun Group, Kalanithi Maran, and a well-known Indian businesswoman Kavery Maran, is called Kavya Maran

She was born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The girl is only 30, but she is already a well-known female entrepreneur in India and the owner of Sunrisers Hyderabad (an IPL franchise team).

In addition to cricket, the girl is fond of travelling. She travels to other countries in her spare time and likes listening to music.

The heart of Kavya Maran is still free. Therefore, every Indian admirer of her talents has every chance to charm this beauty. After all, we remember that the girls of their rich and famous families very often pay attention to ordinary guys! The main thing is not to be afraid to take risks and take the first step.

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