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List of Essential Equipment Used in Cricket

Cricket requires lots of equipment in order to play it. Playing cricket with no cricket equipment is like a waste of time.

There are some laws of Cricket and all the Cricketing equipment must follow its guidelines in terms of design, weight and style.

One must have the knowledge of cricket equipment if you want to become a professional cricketer or take it seriously.

List of Equipments Used in Cricket
Cricket Equipments

You have to invest on a list of equipment used in cricket for your safety & for a better cricketing career.

During an International cricket match, the wicket keeper and batsman must wear cricket equipment because it’s necessary and very helpful for them. Ignoring cricketing equipment during a match can cause you serious injury.


Below We have listed full details about the various Cricket equipment:-

Cricket Bat

Cricket Bat
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Cricket bat

Cricket Bat is used by batsmen to play different shots during a cricket match. There are various types of Cricket bats available in the market based on your requirement.

It is made of wood and it has a handle on top. Cricket bat stands at first position In the list of Cricket equipment. A Cricket bat’s maximum length is approximately 38 inches as per laws of cricket.

The cricket bat design must be designed by rules of cricket as its size must be up to 96.5 centimeters and its weight range in between 1.2 kg to 1.4 kg.

cricket ball

Cricket Ball
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Cricket ball

Cricket ball is made of pure leather and It’s shape is spherical. While designing the ball, manufactures use two pieces of leather to cover it.

In international cricket there are different types of ball use for different formats –

Red coloured ball is used to play test cricket while White color ball is used to play ODI and T20 format. Nowadays, Pink ball is also being used to play Test cricket during day/night series.

Cricket ball weight must be in between 156 grams to 163 grams and its circumference from 224 millimeters to 220 millimeters. Cricket ball is another important equipment in the list of Cricket equipment used to play th is game.

Cricket Helmet

Cricket Helmet
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Cricket helmet

Cricket helmet is the most important equipment after Cricket and ball as it is used to protect batsman/wicket keeper from getting injured by cricket ball.

A cricket helmet is made of hard plastic and a mixer of many metals. It is designed in the proper way to protect the batsman/wicket keeper head.

There are many cases in Cricket history where players got hit by a ball on their heads and were seriously injured.

A batsman wears a helmet at the time of batting on the other hand wicket keepers use it at the time of wicket keeping.

A metallic grill can be seen at the front side of the helmet which protects the batsman/wicket keeper’s face. ICC has strictly advised to always wear a helmet while batting and wicket keeping.

Some fielders also use it at the time when they have to be very close to the batsmen. After the death of Australian Cricketer Hughes, it is advised by ICC to use a helmet in a proper way as it ensures your safety.

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Cricket Gloves for Batsman

Cricket Gloves for Batsmen
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Cricket Gloves for batsmen

You can always see batsmen wearing gloves on their hands at the time of batting. It looks familiar to hear the word wicket keeper gloves and batsman gloves.

Both the gloves are structured in a similar way, but it is softer from the outer side as compared to wicket keeper gloves.

Batsmen wear gloves to grip the bats properly as it provides you perfect grip on the bat. Your hands and fingers will be on the safe side if you use gloves for batting.

Gloves give more protection on the outer side of hand for batsmen, because a leather ball can hit your hand very hard and it’s very dangerous.

Cricket Gloves For Wicket Keeper

Cricket Gloves For Wicket Keeper
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Cricket Gloves for Wicket Keepers

Wicket Keeper uses gloves to catch the ball and for stumping too. Gloves are a necessary equipment for the wicket keepers as it protects your hands and fingers from getting hurt or injured.

Wicket keeper wears gloves in both hands to protect it from dangerous injury. Manufacturers use cloth and leathers to make gloves for wicket keepers.

Wicket Keepers wear thin gloves inside the main gloves which look like the gloves used by Doctors which are very soft.

Cricket Pads

Cricket Pads
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Cricket Pads

Cricket Pads are used to protect the leg of a batsman and wicket Keepers. Pads are very soft from the inside. They are made with leather and cloth.

Outer part is harder as compared to the inner part. Outer part is made of wood sticks and hard plastic.

Inner part is comfortable as it is very soft from inside to help the players run smoothly. Pads used by wicket keepers are shorter than batsman’s pads.

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Cricket Stumps

Cricket Stumps
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Cricket Stumps

Cricket Stumps are designed in cylindrical shape. You can always see three stumps, both the sides of the pitch on the ground during a cricket match.

Stumps are another important equipment in Cricket because it decides whether a bowler has bowled someone or not.

They always placed closer to each other so that the ball cannot pass between them.

Cricket Bails

Cricket Bails
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Cricket bails

Cricket bail is one of the two smaller sticks placed on top of the three stumps to form a wicket.

Bails are made of a single cylindrically shaped piece of wood which has two smaller cylinders of wood protruding from each end.

The bails are used to determine when the wicket is broken, which in turn is one of the critical factors in determining whether a batsman is out bowled, stumped, run out or hit wicket.

Cricket Abdominal Guard

Cricket Abdominal Guard
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Cricket AAbdominal Guard

Abdominal guard or a L Guard for Male batsman and wicket-keepers is usually constructed from high density plastic with a padded edge, shaped like a hollow half-pear, and inserted into the jockstrap with cup pocket underwear of the batsmen and wicket-keeper.

This is used to protect the crotch area against impact from the ball.

Sun hat or Cricket Cap

Sun hat or Cricket Cap
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Sun hat or Cricket Cap

Sun hat or Cricket Cap is another essential equipment which is worn by every player during a Cricket match on their heads.

It reflects the side of a player for which he/she is playing and protects them from the sun light.

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